The Art of Expression

mPIANO is a MIDI controller like no other.
Look beyond the magnificent design and you’ll discover new expressive possibilities to inspire your creative spirit. For the first time you can shape and energize your performances on real piano keys with built-in control options.

Touch-sensitive key surfaces and high-resolution pressure/release sensitivity give you extensive real-time control of your performance while you’re playing.

  • 88 Long keys for an authentic playing experience
  • Touch-sensitive control after you hit a note
  • Nanomaterials for a smooth touch, anti-fingerprint surface
  • High-resolution sensors measure the slightest key movements
  • Adjustable note-on/note-off thresholds

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The App to boost your creativity

* Optimized for screen sizes of at least 1024×768 px and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

** Available in August 2020

  • Configure easily

    With the mPIANO app you can easily and intuitively configure your instrument from any tablet or computer. Adjust sensitivity and slider behavior of the keys, configure the pedals, create up to four split zones on the fly, and save everything in your set lists.

  • Jump right in

    The Standard Mode presents a simplified user interface and presets that allow you to start playing right away. The Extended Mode lets you go deeper to customize the mPIANO and mBOARD to your own musical performance style and technical needs.

Everywhere you go

What’s more, you can take your mPIANO’s user interface with you. Connect the app with any mPIANO or mBOARD and simply transfer your settings and playlists.

The Beauty of Creation


Beneath the surface of each key is a capacitive sensor that recognizes the location and movement of your finger on each key.

Finger placement and motion on the key surface can be configured for pitch bend, aftertouch or any other continuous controller (MIDI CC) through the mPIANO app on your tablet or computer. 

Even the length of the touch-sensitive area on the keys can be defined and customized in up to four keyboard split zones.

Multi-dimensional control

Unique high-resolution sensors below each key measure the speed of its vertical movement, thus offering novel ways of performing on the keyboard.

As opposed to conventional keyboards, where the sound is triggered when the key hits the bottom, mPIANO offers the option to play notes by just slightly touching the keys.

This unique feature allows you to play more expressively by choosing how far you press a key. You can even play faster because the sound is triggered earlier!

As another example, you may assign key pressure to volume – the further a key is pressed, the louder your strings get. Assigning key pressure to aftertouch or any other CC value opens a world of options for shaping and morphing sounds.

Four keyboard split zones

Play different instruments in different zones, or assign special sounds to a zone as narrow as one key.

Through a variety of custom settings you can tailor each zone to respond uniquely to your playing.

Three continuous pedals

The pedals of mPIANO and mBOARD are set up with soft, sostenuto and sustain functions by default. You can customize your pedals and assign other MIDI controls via the app.

The backside of the pedal unit features audio (XLR and headphones out, stereo 3.5 mm in), MIDI (USB) and Ethernet connectors.

MPE compatible

mPIANO is one of the few MIDI controllers to incorporate Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for modifying the sound of each note separately.

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