Alpha Series

The ALPHA Series Product Collection

Our mission is to bring joy and inspiration to our customers through evolutionary musical instruments that encourage musicians to express themselves in new ways.

Uniting puristic designs with innovative features, we strive to create instruments that seamlessly respond to the most expressive performances.

We measure the power of this Keyvolution by the passion that musicians feel for our instruments and the musical experience they create for themselves and others.

ALPHA GRAND, ALPHA STUDIO and ALPHA TOUR are absolutely unique piano controllers. They incorporate a full-fledged wooden concert piano action that is handcrafted to the highest standards of traditional piano manufacturing.


The ALPHA GRAND is a unique musical instrument. Bridging the past with the future. Bringing you the minimalist elegance of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, while providing the technological, high-end Silicon Valley finish.

You can always request more information about the ALPHA Grand here.


The world’s most authentic grand piano controller. The ALPHA STUDIO is absolutely unique. Its full-fledged wooden concert piano action is handcrafted to the highest standards of traditional piano manufacturing.

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The ALPHA TOUR is especially designed to provide you the best possible quality sound while being compact and uniquely simple to bring along with you on tour.

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