Meet the Keyvolution

Meeting the Keyvolution at the NAMM 2020 – Presentation of the mPIANO and mBOARD

Alpha Pianos showing their Keyvolution at the NAMM 2020 – the all new mPIANO and mBOARD

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Printed Electronicsworld: technical description of ALPHA Pianos sensor technology

The piano manufacturer Mario Aiwasian, Founder of Alpha Pianos GmbH, has solved that problem by…

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Oper unter Sternen (Opera under the Stars)

The Hagenthaler Kultur Kreis was particularly pleased during the “Oper unter Sternen”…

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Prize-winning design quality: MPiano triumphs in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

St. Andrea Woerdern, March 30th 2016. MPiano by ALPHA Pianos was awarded with the Red Dot, the…

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The sensor that creates the right sound

“…anyone who once lived somewhere in the Viennese bourgeoisie style has had a magnificent grand…

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The press reports on Alpha Pianos

“A piano that plays all the pieces”: The press writes about the creation of Alpha…

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OKEY special edition covering Alpha Pianos

OKEY created a multi-page, detailed brochure about a wide range of aspects worth knowing about…

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Musikmesse 2015

“In the final trade fair report of the Musikmesse 2015, we will present you separately…

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Tastenwelt: ALPHA Pianos – A for ALPHA and B as Bösendorfer combines

We’re in the news! A for ALPHA and B as Bösendorfer combines in the new…

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Business Magazine “Die Macher”: The future of music

We’re in the news again! The business magazine “Die Macher” reports on the…

Read more on ALPHA Pianos – “A milestone” is covering ALPHA Pianos and our mPiano. “After 300 years of…

Read more on Alpha Pianos and Superstars

Coverage from January 2015, discussing ALPHA Pianos and superstars. Read the full article here….

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NÖN covers Alpha Pianos

“Lenny Kravitz has already played on an electronic piano by Alpha Pianos (from St….

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Article from the Tiroler Tageszeitung

We’ve just been covered in the Tiroler daily newspaper: Tiroler Tageszeitung. Read what TT…

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NÖN: St. Andrä-Wördern: Alpha Piano cleans up

NÖN covers ALPHA Pianos. “After the Genius Award last year, Mario Aiwasian now wins the i2b…

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ORF: Alpha Pianos wins Technology Genius Prize

“The “mPiano” project, by the two developers Mario Pregetter and Mario…

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